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seed dormancy  


  • [Sedigheh Sadeghi] Seed dormancy is a mechanism that insures the survival of the species. Madder (Rubia tinctorum L.)\ \ seeds present low germination due to the high degree of seed dormancy. Different methods to overcome\ \ seed dormancy were compared: mechanical scarification (sanding), chemical scarification (dilution in\ \ concentrated sulfuric acid for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, dilution in hot water at 70°C and 90°C for 5\ \ and10 minutes, soaking of seed in gibberelic acid (0.05% GA ), light (24 hour), pre chilling at 4°C\ \ for 4, 6 or 3 10 week and germination test (control)... , "[M. Arumugam] Seed dormancy is a genetically inherited trait whose intensity is modified by the environment during\ \ seed development and maturation. In order to study the effect of harvest time on the seed quality\ \ and optimum time of sowing to obtain good quality seeds, freshly threshed seeds of ten diverse rice\ \ genotypes harvested from six environments were evaluated for seed dormancy and seedling vigour index\ \ as a measure of seed quality. There were significant differences in germination in different\ \ genotypes in all the six environments as well as days after harvest... , "[Paul C. Bethke] Seed dormancy is a common phase of the plant life cycle, and several parts of the seed can\ \ contribute to dormancy. Whole seeds, seeds lacking the testa, embryos, and isolated aleurone layers\ \ of Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) were used in experiments designed to identify components of\ \ the Arabidopsis seed that contribute to seed dormancy and to learn more about how dormancy and\ \ germination are regulated in this species. The aleurone layer was found to be the primary\ \ determinant of seed dormancy... , "[Mohammed A. Al-Fredan] Seed dormancy is a means to allow seeds to initiate germination when conditions are normally\ \ favorable for germination and survival of the seedlings. Dormancy can be regulated by the\ \ environment or by the seed itself. The seed dormancy may be due to unfavorable environmental\ \ conditions or sometimes, some seeds may not germinate because of some inhibitory factor of the seed\ \ itself. Dormancy of seed due to inhibitory factors, are either due to hard seed coat (external) or\ \ physical of physiological status of the interior of the seed. Seed dormancy in Doum palm (H... , "[CONCEIÇÃO A. PREVIERO] Seed dormancy is a marked characteristic of forage grasses seeds and the understanding of the\ \ mechanisms of this phenomenon is of great importance concerning seed technology aspects. It is known\ \ that seed dormancy is naturally released as the time passes. The objective of this study was to\ \ investigate the release of Brachiaria brizantha seeds dormancy packed in two types of packages with\ \ different initial seed moisture contents and stored in a open warehouse in Campinas SP, for 10\ \ months...

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