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deprecated concept > habitat fragmentation

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habitat fragmentation  


  • [O. SCHWEIGER] Habitat fragmentation is a major force affecting demography and genetic structure of wild populations, especially in agricultural landscapes. The land snail Cepaea nemoralis (L.) was selected to investigate the impact of habitat fragmentation on the spatial genetic structure of an organism with limited dispersal ability. Genetic and morphological patterns were investigated at a local scale of a 500 m transect and a mesoscale of 4 ? ? ? ? 4 km in a fragmented agricultural landscape while accounting for variation in the landscape using least-cost models... , "[Emilio M. Bruna] Habitat fragmentation is a leading cause of extinction, with effects that may be particularlypronounced in tropical ecosystems. However, little is known regarding the demographic mechanismsunderlying changes in abundance in fragmented landscapes... , "[GRACIELA VALLADARES] Habitat fragmentation is the transformation of once-extensive landscapes into smaller, isolatedremnants surrounded by new types of habitat. There is ample evidence of impoverished biodiversity asa consequence of habitat fragmentation, but its most profound effects may actually result fromfunctional changes in ecological processes such as trophic interactions... , "[Marcelo Tabarelli] Habitat fragmentation is a major cause of biodiversity erosion in tropical forests. The BrazilianAtlantic forest has both high species richness and a long history of anthropogenic disturbance,beginning with colonial agriculture in the sixteenth century... , "[Nusha Keyghobadi] Habitat fragmentation is a ubiquitous by-product of human activities that can alter the geneticstructure of natural populations, with potentially deleterious effects on population persistence andevolutionary potential. When habitat fragmentation results in the subdivision of a population,random genetic drift then leads to the erosion of genetic diversity from within the resultingsubpopulations and greater genetic divergence among them...

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