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This concept has been deprecated.

deprecated concept > ecological restoration

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ecological restoration  


  • [David Lamb] Ecological Restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has beendegraded, damaged or destroyed (SER 2004). Different practitioners interpret this in various ways.Some think it necessitates re-establishing the original ecosystem or trying to replicate thecommunities present in some supposed reference ecosystem... , "[Christophe P. Henry] Ecological restoration is a recent discipline that should be conducted scientifically and rigorouslyto move from a trial-and-error process to a predictive science to increase its success and theself-sustainability of restored ecosystems. The recent research developments in ecosystem dynamicsallow scientists to provide a strong theoretical base for restoration ecology... , "[Margaret M. Moore] Ecological restoration is the process of reestablishing the structure and function of native ecosystems and developing mutually beneficial human-wildland interactions that are compatible with the evolutionary history of those systems. Restoration is based on an ecosystem&#39

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  • ecologic restoration

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