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This concept has been deprecated.

deprecated concept > above ground biomass

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above ground biomass  

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  • [NŽstor I. Gasparri] Above-ground biomass is a key parameter in the estimates of the carbon stock in forests and to know about their status of conservation. In this work, a multi-temporal analysis of satellite images is done in order to assess its use in estimating above-ground biomass in dry forests of the Parque Chaque–o region in Argentina. Biomass was estimated from field data and was correlated to spectral data... , "[Jerome Chave] The above-ground biomass (AGB) of tropical forests is a crucial variable for ecologists,biogeochemists, foresters and policymakers. Tree inventories are an efficient way of assessingforest carbon stocks and emissions to the atmosphere during deforestation...

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Entry terms

  • above-ground biomass
  • aboveground biomass
  • above ground biomasses
  • AGB

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  • 0000-0003-2195-3997


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