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DNA barcode  

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  • [Masood Zamani] The DNA barcoding is a promising technique for identifications of biological species based on arelatively short sequence of COI gene. A research area to improve the DNA barcoding is to study theclassification techniques that utilize common properties of DNA and amino acid sequences such asvariable lengths of gene sequences, and the comparison of different reference genes... , "[DNA BARCODING] DNA barcoding is a global initiative that provides a standardized and efficient tool to catalogueand inventory biodiversity, with significant conservation applications. Despite progress acrosstaxonomic realms, globally threatened marine turtles remain underrepresented in this effort... , "[Renaud Lahaye] DNA barcoding is a technique in which species identification is performed by using DNA sequencesfrom a small fragment of the genome, with the aim of contributing to a wide range of ecological andconservation studies in which traditional taxonomic identification is not practical. DNA barcodingis well established in animals, but there is not yet any universally accepted barcode for plants... , "[Senjie Lin] DNA barcoding is a diagnostic technique for species identification using a short, standardized DNA. An effective DNA barcoding marker would be very helpful for unraveling the poorly understood species diversity of dinoflagellates in the natural environment. In this study, the potential utility for DNA barcoding of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 (cox1) and cytochrome b (cob) was assessed. Among several primer sets examined, the one amplifying a 385-bp cob fragment was most effective for dinoflagellates... , "[J. Neigel] DNA Barcoding (DBC) is a method for taxonomic identification of animals that is based entirely onthe 5? portion of the mitochondrial gene, cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI-5). It can be especiallyuseful for identification of larval forms or incomplete specimens lacking diagnostic morphologicalcharacters. DBC can also facilitate the discovery of species and in defining ?molecular taxonomicunits? in problematic groups...

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  • DNA barcod
  • DNA barcoded
  • DNA barcodes
  • DNA barcoding

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