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coastal sage scrub  


  • [Matt V. Talluto] Coastal sage scrub (CSS) is a target for restoration because it provides habitat for numerous specialstatus species and it has been impacted by urbanization, agriculture and invasion by non-native species. Many restoration designs have neglected the herbaceous understory component of CSS, although it may comprise the majority of vascular plant species in a natural CSS stand. The omission of an understory may promote invasion by non-native plants and reduce overall success... , "[Jan L. Beyers] Coastal sage scrub is a fire-adapted, drought deciduous vegetation type, which is rapidly disappearing to urbanization in southern California. It is home to the threatened California gnatcatcher and several candidate vertebrate species. Planning efforts in southern California seek to identify and preserve key coastal sage scrub sites so that economic development activities may continue in other areas. Thorough knowledge of the habitat-requirements of the California gnatcatcher and associated species is critical to this effort...

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  • CSS

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