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air pollution  


  • [Henderson's] any gaseous or particulate matter in the air that is not a normal con­stituent of air or not normally present in such large amounts. It may be the result of human activity, such as sulphur dioxide from burning of coal, and carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from exhaust emis­sions, or can result from natural causes, such as desert dust, methane and hydrogen sulphide from microbial activity in bogs and volcanic debris in the atmosphere. air quality level of pollution in the air, which may be judged by a variety of criteria such as chemical and physical analysis, medical symptoms, damage to plants and damage to buildings. Air quality is deemed to be high when pollution is /br /[GEMET] Presence in the atmosphere of large quantities of gases, solids and radiation produced by the burning of natural and artificial fuels, chemical and other industrial processes and nuclear explosions.

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