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entity > immaterial entity > event > stress > drought stress

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drought stress  


  • [S. Michael Gomez] Drought stress is a major constraint for rice (Oryza sativa L.) production and yield stability in rainfed ecosystems. Identifying genomic regions (QTLs) contributing in drought resistance will help to develop rice cultivars suitable for water-limiting environments through marker-assisted breeding. QTLs linked to physio-morphological and plant production traits under drought stress in the field were mapped by evaluating 177 F6 recombinant inbred (RI) lines of Bala × Azucena under rainfed conditions in the target environment (TE)... , "[Liming Xiong] Drought stress is a common adverse environmental condition that seriously affects crop productivityworldwide. Due to the complexity of drought as a stress signal, deciphering drought tolerancemechanisms has remained a major challenge to plant biologists...

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  • drought stressed
  • drought stresses

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