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sensor network  


  • [Himanshu Gupta] A sensor network is a multi-hop wireless network of sensor nodes cooperatively solving a sensing\ \ task. Each sensor node generates data items that are readings obtained from one or more sensors on\ \ the node. This makes a sensor network similar to a distributed database system. While this view is\ \ somewhat traditional, efficient execution of database (SQL) queries in sensor network remains a\ \ challenge, due to the unique characteristics of such networks such as limited memory and battery\ \ energy on individual nodes, multi-hop communication, unreliable infrastructure, and dynamic\ \ topology... , "[Hamed Chok] A sensor network is a valuable new form of collective computational instrumentation by virtue of its\ \ ability to sense physical quantities of interest and to transmit such readings via sub-networks of\ \ nodes/computers for processing... , "[Martin Drozda] A sensor network is a collection of wireless devices that are able to monitor physical or\ \ environmental conditions. These devices are expected to operate autonomously, be battery powered and\ \ have very limited computational capabilities. This makes the task of protecting a sensor network\ \ against misbehavior or possible malfunction a challenging problem... , "[Xiaoyun Wang] A sensor network is a collection of tiny sensor nodes, which consists of sensing, data processing\ \ and communicating components. Directed Diffusion is an important data-centric routing protocol of\ \ sensor networks... , "[Morten Tranberg Hansen] A sensor network is a network consisting of small, inexpensive, low-powered sensor nodes that\ \ communicate to complete a common task...

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  • sensor networks

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  • sensor network


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