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deprecated concept > soil organic carbon

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soil organic carbon  

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  • [V. Polyakov] Soil organic carbon (SOC) stock is an important component of the global carbon (C) cycle, which has\ \ the potential to influence global climate... , "[R. Bou Kheir] Soil organic carbon (SOC) is a dynamic component of the terrestrial system, with both internal\ \ changes in the vertical and horizontal directions and external changes with the atmosphere and the\ \ biosphere... , "[D. S. Mendham] Soil organic carbon (SOC) is a significant component of the worlds terrestrial carbon stocks, and\ \ changes in land-use have potential to change pools of soil C. Land-use change is occurring over\ \ large areas of the world, so soil has potential to be a large source or sink for atmospheric C.\ \ Changes in amounts of soil C (0-1 m) were examined after clearing of native vegetation for pasture\ \ (20-71 years prior to study), and after establishment of Eucalyptus globulusplantations on\ \ ex-pasture sites (7-10 years prior to study)... , "[J. M. Novak] Soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration is an important process to mitigate CO2 emissions. Our\ \ objectives were to determine the rates of C sequestration and to determine if the SOC pool was at or\ \ approaching equilibrium in plots under long-term (24-yr) conservation (CT) and disk tillage (DT)\ \ management... , "[Gustavo M. Vasques] Soil organic carbon (SOC) is an indicator of ecosystem quality and plays a major role in the\ \ biogeochemical cycles of major nutrients and water. Shortcomings exist to estimate SOC across large\ \ regions using rapid and cheap soil sensing approaches. Our objective was to estimate SOC in 7120\ \ mineral and organic soil horizons in Florida using visible/near-infrared diff use refl ectance\ \ spectroscopy (VNIRS) calibrated by committee trees and partial least squares regression (PLSR)...



  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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