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deprecated concept > seed size

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seed size  

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  • [JUAN L. CELIS-DIEZ] Seed size is a life history attribute that affects the probability of seed predation, and therefore\ \ affects plant fitness. Compared with smaller seeds, those with large size should be more attractive\ \ to predators, as they constitute a more profitable food item because of higher energetic and/or\ \ nutrient content. However, predator preferences may be frequency-dependent in the sense that they\ \ may be modulated by the relative abundance of alternative seeds of different sizes... , "[Britta Kerstin Kunz] Seed size is an important plant fitness trait that can influence several steps between fruiting and\ \ the establishment of a plant’s offspring. Seed size varies considerably within many plant species,\ \ yet the relevance of the trait for intra-specific fruit choice by primates has received little\ \ attention. Primates may select certain seed sizes within a species for a number of reasons, e.g. to\ \ decrease indigestible seed load or increase pulp intake per fruit...



  • seed sizes


  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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