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deprecated concept > open access

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open access  


  • [Bo-christer Björk] Open access is a new Internet-enabled model for the publishing of scientific journals, in which the\ published articles are freely available for anyone to read. During the 1990’s hundreds of individual\ open access journals were founded by groups of academics, supported by grants and unpaid voluntary\ work. During the last five years other types of open access journals, funded by author charges, have\ started to emerge... , "[N. D. GHAWGHAWE] Open access is an essential feature in the deregulated power system. It permits all the generators\ to transmit power into the system. Depending upon the transmission network parameters, generator\ responses to the variation in loads differ from each other. To know these responses is important\ from various aspects such as for determination of nodal prices which will be needed in charging\ differential tariffs and also in congestion management...



  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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