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deprecated concept > nutritional status

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nutritional status  


  • [Andrew Grey] Nutritional status is an important determinant of skeletal health. Increased fat mass favorably\ influences bone mineral density and reduces fracture risk. The mechanisms by which adiposity\ influences skeletal health include mechanical skeletal loading, the effects of adipocyte and\ pancreatic β-cell-derived hormones that act on bone, and neuroendocrine outputs from the\ hypothalamus that respond to peripheral nutritional signals... , "[Soheila Korourian] Nutritional status is a primary factor in the effects of xenobiotics and may be an important\ consideration in development of safety standards and assessment of risk. One important xenobiotic\ consumed daily by millions of people worldwide is alcohol. Some adverse effects of ethanol, such as\ alcohol liver disease, have been linked to diet. For example, ethanol-induced hepatotoxicity in\ animal models requires diets that have a high percentage of the total calories as unsaturated fat...



  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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