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deprecated concept > nest predation

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nest predation  

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  • [Thor Veen] Nest predation is a major determinant of ¢tness in birds and costly nest defence behaviours have\ evolved in order to reduce nest predation. Some avian studies have suggested that predator\ recognition is innate whereas others have stressed the importance of learning... , "[Timothy M. Bergin] Nest predation is an important cause of mortality for many bird species, especially in grassland\ ecosystems where generalist predators have responded positively to human disturbance and landscape\ fragmentation. Our study evaluated the influence of the composition and configuration of the\ surrounding landscape on nest predation. Transects consisting of 10 artificial ground nests each\ were set up in 136 roadsides in six watersheds in south-central Iowa. Nest predation on individual\ roadside transects ranged from 0 to 100% and averaged 23%...



  • nesting predators
  • nest predator
  • nest predators
  • nests Predated
  • nests predators


  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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