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deprecated concept > n2 fixation

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n2 fixation  


  • [Keiji Horikawa] N2 fixation is an important biological process that adds new nitrogen to oceans and plays a key role\ \ in modulating the oceanic nitrate inventory. However, it is not known how, when, and where N2\ \ fixation rates have varied in response to past climate changes. This study presents a new record of\ \ nitrogen isotopic composition (δ15N) over the last 83 kyr from a sediment core (KH02-4 SUP8) taken\ \ in the Sulu Sea in the western equatorial Pacific region; data allow the N2 fixation variability in\ \ the sea to be reconstructed...



  • N2 fixating


  • added as alternative label under nitrogen fixation


  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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