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deprecated concept > leaf senescence

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leaf senescence  

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  • [Michal Sharabi-Schwager] Leaf senescence is a programmed developmental process governed by various endogenous and exogenousfactors, such as the plant developmental stage, leaf age, phytohormone levels, darkness, andexposure to stresses. It was found that, in addition to its well-documented role in the enhancementof plant frost tolerance, overexpression of the C-repeat/dehydration responsive element bindingfactor 2 (CBF2) gene in Arabidopsis delayed the onset of leaf senescence and extended the life spanof the plants by approximately 2 weeks... , "[Hye-Kyung Yoon] Leaf senescence is a highly regulated genetic process that constitutes the last stage of plantdevelopment and provides adaptive fitness by relocating metabolites from senescing leaves toreproducing seeds. Characterization of various senescence mutants, mostly in Arabidopsis, andgenome-wide analyses of gene expression, have identified a wide array of regulatory components,including transcription factors and enzymes as well as signaling molecules mediating growth hormonesand environmental stress responses... , "[Chunjiang Zhou] Leaf senescence is a developmentally programmed cell death process that constitutes the final stepof leaf development, and it can be regulated by multiple environmental cues and endogenous signals.The mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades play diverse roles in intracellular andextracellular signaling in plants. Roles of the MAPK signaling module in leaf senescence areunknown. Here, a MAPK cascade involving MKK9-MPK6 is shown to play an important role in regulatingleaf senescence in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana)... , "[Naomi Ori] Leaf senescence is an active process involving remobilization of nutrients from senescing leaves to other parts of the plant. Whereas senescence is accompanied by a decline in leaf cytokinin content, supplemental cytokinin delays senescence. Plants that overexpress isopentenyl transferase ( ipt ), a cytokinin-producing gene, or knotted1 ( kn1 ), a homeobox gene, have many phenotypes in common... , "[Pyung Ok Lim] Leaf senescence is a sequence of biochemical and physiological events comprising the final stage inleaf development...



  • leaf senescent
  • leaf senesces
  • leaf senescing


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