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deprecated concept > global climate change

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global climate change  

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  • [S. Ahsan] Global climate change is a growing concern for Bangladesh. To evaluate the global climate changeeffects on environmental changes and agricultural production in Bangladesh, long-term data onselected climatic variables (1948?2006), agricultural production (1960?2006), and population growth(1940?2008) were collected, organized and analyzed. Results suggested that although Bangladesh emitsless than 0.2% of the global carbon dioxide (CO2), it is nevertheless facing the impact of globalclimate change. Average air temperature was found to be increased @ 0.7øC per decade acrossBangladesh... , "[RT Watson] Global climate change is a qualitatively distinct, and very significant, addition to the spectrum of environmental health hazards encountered by humankind. Historically, environmental health concerns have focused on toxicological or microbiological risks to health from local exposures. However, the scale of environmental health hazards is today increasing



  • global climate changes
  • global climates change
  • global climatic change
  • global climatic changes
  • globalization climate change


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