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deprecated concept > forest health

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forest health  

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  • [T. E. Kolb] Forest health is an increasingly important concept in natural resource management. However,definition of forest health is difficult and dependent on human perspective. From a utilitarianperspective, forest health has been defined by the production of forest conditions which directlysatisfy human needs. From an ecosystem-centered perspective, forest health has been defined byresilience, recurrence, persistence and biophysical processes which lead to sustainable ecologicalconditions... , "[Jay O'Laughlin] Forest health is the condition of forests relative to management objectives, which reflect the forest values managers intend to provide. Indicators of forest health condition in the National Report on Sustainable Forests-2003 (under criteria 2 and 3) highlight the role of wildland fire and its associated risks in sustainable forest management (SFM)...



  • forests health


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  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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