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deprecated concept > ecosystem management

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ecosystem management  

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  • [Warren E. Mabee] Ecosystem management is an approach to natural resource planning that theoretically places environmental issues on an equal footing with the economic concerns that dominate resource use. This approach recognizes the importance of both a healthy environment and access to natural resources. Each of these factors is an implicit element of human security, a political concept that promotes the protection of human lives and livelihoods... , "[Robert C. Szaro] Ecosystem management is an approach that attempts to involve all stakeholders in definingsustainable alternatives for the interactions of people and the environments in which they live. Itsgoal is to restore and sustain the health, productivity, and biodiversity of ecosystems and theoverall quality of life through a natural resource management approach that is fully integrated withsocial and economic needs... , "[Georgios E. Pavlikakis] Ecosystem Management (EM) is a new holistic approach to the management of natural resources. Itintegrates the scientificknowledge on ecological interrelationships and the complex socioeconomicand political frame of values, aiming at the long-term sustainability of a region, i.e., theecosystem. Itincludes the human, biological and natural dimensions, and canregulate the internalstructures and functions of the ecosystem,and the inputs and outputs from it, so that solutions todevelopment and protection problems can be achieved and be socially well-accepted...



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