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deprecated concept > biological nitrogen fixation

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biological nitrogen fixation  


  • [Ingvild Wartiainen] Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is an important source of nitrogen input in many naturalecosystems. The rice production today depends on large amounts of chemical nitrogen fertilizer,which is an environmental hazard in rice producing areas... , "[L. M. Bordeleau] Biological nitrogen fixation is a phenomenon occurring in all known ecosystems. Symbiotic nitrogenfixation is dependent on the host plant genotype, theRhizobium strain, and the interaction of thesesymbionts with the pedoclimatic factors and the environmental conditions. Extremes of pH affectnodulation by reducing the colonization of soil and the legume rhizosphere by rhizobia... , "[Gabriele Pietsch] Biological nitrogen fixation is the main source of nitrogen in organic farming systems. There islittle known about the impacts of cultivation techniques in pannonic regions on the capacity ofbiological nitrogen fixation (BNF) and the water use efficiency (ETC: evapotranspirationcoefficient) of lucerne... , "[Abbas Biabani] Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is a sustainable alternative for nitrogen supply to agriculture worldwide... , "[Eric S. Boyd] Biological nitrogen fixation is a keystone process in many ecosystems, providing bioavailable formsof fixed nitrogen for members of the community. In the present study, degenerate primers targetingthe nitrogenase iron protein-encoding gene (nifH) were designed and employed to investigate thephysical and chemical parameters that underpin the distribution and diversity of nifH as a proxy fornitrogen-fixing organisms in the geothermal springs of Yellowstone National Park (YNP), Wyoming...



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