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atlantic forest  

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  • [Michelle de Oliveira Ribeiro] The Atlantic forest is a high diversity ecosystem that suffers with fragmentation effects and increasing of edges. This work aimed analyze the floristic composition and the physical structure of vegetation in edges of paved roads, within 10 meters, of Tijuca National Park, as well assess the occurrence of the exotic specie Dracena fragrans, comparing the relief situations slope up and down of the roads. It was established 10 plots of 10x10 m in the edges of pavement roads, in which were registered structural features of vegetation and sampled all individuals with DAP ³ 2,5 cm... , "[Hilton P. Silva] The Atlantic Forest (AF) of Brazil is a highly endangered natural ecosystem whose rural humaninhabitant?s socioeconomic and health situation also is generally precarious. Using atransdisciplinary and participatory methodology, the different characteristics of rural populationsliving near three protected areas in Santa Teresa?ES, Brazil, were investigated in a pilot projectexamining the human groups and the biodiversity of the region...



  • atlantic forested
  • atlantic forests


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  • 0000-0003-2195-3997



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